Why A Gas Fireplace Needs An Annual Inspection

gas fireplace

A great misunderstanding about gas fireplaces is the fact that people believe they don’t need maintenance. They assume that just because a gas fireplace burns clean fuel it doesn’t need cleaning or technical check ups. It’s true that a gas fireplace is low maintenance, but over time even the most reliable appliances are going to give issues if neglected.

For the safety of your home and family I would urge you to have your gas fireplace inspected on a yearly basis. An annual inspection and thorough cleaning of your fireplace will give you peace of mind and a flawlessly functioning fireplace when you need it most.

What Happens During A Gas Fireplace Inspection?

  • A technician will check the glass for cracks and chips and inspect the exterior to make sure that the framework is intact. After that he will take a look at the interior, first point of attention is checking if the gas ignition still works flawlessly. A gas fireplace with ignition issues is high on the owners nuisance list: We want the thing to work when we need it.
  • The second point of attention is the log set. The logs in a gas fireplace are going to last a long time, however this doesn’t mean they’re gonna last forever. After a couple of years most log sets will start to deteriorate and debris could clog vital parts of your heater. Log sets can be easily replaced so it’s not the end of your fireplace.
  • Third point of inspection will be the valves and gas connections to your gas fireplace, checks will take place for leakage and correct heat output. The fireplace will also get a complete cleaning to get rid of debris and dust, this residue can block ports and vents. Yes even gas fireplaces can produce dust, it’s not much but they do.

Best man for your annual gas fireplace inspection is a certified gas technician. This guy has loads of experience under his belt and knows all about the potential safety issues of your gas appliances.

During the inspection the technician will also check your carbon monoxide detectors. I think every household should have them as they can literally mean the difference between life and death. Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer, you can’t smell it and in 99% of all cases it’s caused by faulty gas appliances. That’s another reason for having all your gas appliances checked on a regular basis.

If there are any major issues the gas technician will let you know and give you an estimate about the expected repair costs. Should you have any questions regarding your gas fireplace then ask the technician, he’ll be glad to help you.

Safety should always be your number one priority as there’s nothing more precious than your family. Having a safe and flawlessly working gas fireplace will give you piece of mind and so much more enjoyment of that warm, cozy fire.

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