Majestic Fireplaces A Quality Gas Fireplace From Canada

Majestic Fireplace R T Vent Convertible Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Buying a Majestic gas fireplace means investing in quality craftsmanship from a Canadian company that boasts several manufacturing facilities throughout North America. This is always something very important that consumers are looking for who do not want to invest their money in something that is labeled as being “Made In China”.

Whether you are looking for direct vent gas fireplaces, vent free gas fireplaces, electric or wood fireplaces, you are going to see that Majestic Fireplaces has a wide selection that you can choose from.

Vent Free Gas Fireplace

You will often find these products marketed under the Vermont Castings brand name. This is a more compact, free standing fireplace that offers up a decent space on the top that you can use to decorate. One of the great things about a vent free gas fireplace is that you can install them right in the center of a dwelling, without having to gain access to an exterior wall. If you choose one that has multiple sides that are see through, you have the added benefit of a stunning focal point for the room and you can even pick from a selection of decorative vents. Some of these fireplaces come with an option fireplace blower that helps you to increase your energy efficiency, allowing you to heat up your living space with ease.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

This is a model that is going to be quite a bit larger in size than a vent free fireplace, simply because the heat must be safely vented out and away from the firebox. With the right flexible venting system, you have the ability to install these fireplaces just about anywhere, even if you do not want to use an exterior wall. This model is able to be vented at a distance of up to 20 feet away from your firebox using a side wall, or if you prefer a roof vent, you can go vertically up to around 40 feet. You can even install this fireplace in your basement. Set up with a log grate, lava rock and logs, you can use this direct vent gas fireplace to bring about the look and feeling of a wood fire, however you have the convenience of gas.

Natural Vent Fireplace

Majestic Fireplaces natural vent options are just right for any homeowner that wants to use a clean gas fireplace instead of a wood burning fireplace. To fit in well with your decor, you are going to see that Majestic Fireplaces offers a good selection of natural vent gas fireplaces in a decent collection of widths and styles to suit any tastes.

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