Mr Heater Big Buddy Carry Bag

Mr Heater Big Buddy Carry Bag The Mr Heater Big Buddy Carry Bag is specially made to carry your Big Buddy propane heater and all its accessories. Keep your Big Buddy packed and ready to travel!

This specially designed carry bag has got plenty of storage and large oversized zippers that give access to a large opening to easily fit in your Mr Heater Big Buddy. A zippered rear pocket provides you with even more storage for extra accessories and there’s also room for two spare, one pound propane tanks. Your shoulders will also be grateful thanks to the thick padded shoulder straps. I think that’s quite a lot of bag for such a small price!

The Mr Heater Big Buddy Carry Bag Features:

  • Loads of storage room
  • Large opening with oversized zippers
  • Storage and quick access to 2 spare propane tanks (one pound)
  • Space for extra accessories in zippered rear pocket
  • Padded shoulder strap

The Mr Heater Big Buddy carry bag was made for the Mr Heater Big Buddy

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